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The Example Primary School - Mrs X Ample - 01234 343987

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Member Accreditation
To achieve accreditation with us, we need to know that you provide a top quality service to schools. So, SPP accreditation is based around references and feedback from your customers. If you are new to our association, you can apply below. If you are an existing member and your customers send us regular feedback, this process may not have to be repeated.

1 - Enter your company and photographer details.
2 - Enter your references: The school, the person we need to speak to and a telephone number.
3 - Enter the address of your school photography related page that shows our logo.*

*Our grey 'member' logo MUST appear on this page and link back to in order to compete the accreditation process. Removal of our logo or link to our site will result in your accreditation being removed. Once your accreditation has been processed, you can change the logo to our 'accredited photographer' logo.

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