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You will always see one of these logos on a member's website.

Member Sites in England

Berkshire (1)
Buckinghamshire (2)
Cambridgeshire (1)
Cheshire (1)
Cornwall (0)
County Durham (0)
Cumbria (0)
Derbyshire (0)
Essex (5)
East Sussex (0)
Gloucestershire (1)
Hampshire (0)
Hertfordshire (2)
Kent (2)
Lancashire (2)
Lincolnshire (2)
London (3)
Manchester (3)
Merseyside (0)
Middlesex (1)
Norfolk (2)
Northampton (0)
ottinghamshire (1)
Oxfordshire (1)
Shropshire (0)
Staffordshire (1)
Suffolk (1)
Surrey (3)
Tyne and Wear (0)
West Midlands (2)
West Sussex (0)

Wiltshire (0)

Wolverhampton (1)
Worcestershire (1)
Yorkshire (4)
Isle of Wight

Member Sites in Wales

Caerphilly (0)
Newport (0)
West Glamorgan (0)

Member Sites in Scotland

Stirling (0)

Fife (0)

Member Sites in Ireland

Cork (0)
Co. Galway (0)

Co.Down (0)

Member Sites in Guernsey

Guernsey (1)

Showing school photography companies in a better way

You may think some companies are better than others just because of their size or professionally designed website. Or, it may be because you hear from them more as they have a large marketing budget and can employ sales staff. But SchoolPhotoPRO shows school photography companies in a different way, and that is based on what schools say about their service.

Why school photography companies choose to be SPP members

Our accredited members want to prove to you that they offer a top quality school photography service. In order to do this, they have agreed to adhere to a standard that includes you sending in feedback to us. SPP accreditation has become a must-have accolade for school photography companies. Amongst our accredited members you will find some of the very best school photographers in our business.

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