CRB Checks and School Photography

DBS checks are not needed by school photographers.

Legislation (Protection of Freedoms Act 2012) took effect on Monday, 10th September 2012 with the introduction of changes to 'Regulated Activity'. Effectively, because photographers are supervised whilst in schools and other similar establishments (which will be in the establishments own Child Protection Policy), and will not meet the frequent or intensive rule, there is no requirement for them to undertake a CRB check. However, we know it is ultimately for the Headteacher to determine whether a CRB check is required for a specific role within a school bearing in mind their legal and other responsibilities. Safeguarding the children in their care is of the utmost importance!

We have spoken to the DBS and they have told us that anyone that applies for a check that is for a position they say is not a regulated activity could have their application cancelled. We suggest you ask any schools who demands a DBS check to read the Government issued statute below (Keeing Children Safe). If they are still insistant on a DBS check, ask them if a 'Disclosure Scotland' check will be sufficient, failing that, provide them with the necessary paperwork so they can do a check on you. dbs 'regulated activities' document

DofE document '
Keeping Children Safe' (see page 46)

Why schools, preschools, nurseries and playgroups like our membership standards.

By choosing a photographer who is a members of our professional association, schools, preschools, can be sure they are using a dedicated photographer that operates under a strict Code of Conduct and constantly strives to improve the service they provide. All this can help schools and preschools make a more informed choice about who they use for their next photo-session.


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